The Socialism 2023 Conference banner: September 1-4, Chicago. Politics, Education, Community. Featuring a photo of people standing at a protest with fists raised.

No one is coming to save us, but us.

Grassroots movements for social change confront a critical juncture today. We need visionary politics, collective strategy, and compassionate communities now more than ever. In a moment of political uncertainty, the Socialism 2023 Conference will be a vital gathering space for today’s left.

A four-day conference featuring dozens of panels, lectures, and workshops organized by groups from all over the country, the Socialism Conference will facilitate exchanges between existing activists and organizations, while bringing in new layers of the politically curious as part of rebuilding our radical traditions and movements.

Speakers & Performers

Organizational Endorsers

Socialism is an activist conference, and we are proud to have the participation of the following organizations and media:


What to Expect

Over 100 Meetings

Covering debates on the left today and the hidden history of working-class and socialist struggles.

Free, Professional, On-site Childcare

Parents can fully participate in the conference knowing their children are enjoying themselves.

Accessible Venue

Conference attendees can book rooms at a discount at the Hyatt where the conference takes place. Book your room here.

Socialism Bookstore

Browse our massive radical bookstore of many publishers and get great deals on titles from poetry to political theory.

See you in September!