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Lessons from the Teachers’ Strikes

Socialism 2018 will be featuring leaders of the teachers’ strikes and protest that swept through the so-called “red states” this spring. Teachers from West Virginia to Puerto Rico will speak on two panels and Friday night’s main plenary. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from rank and file leaders who have set an example for…

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1968: Year of Revolt

From the revolt of Black athletes, to the militant student movement, to international struggles against oppression and war, 1968 was a highpoint of resistance for ordinary people around the world. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of this year of revolt we will have a series of presentations about the struggles of 1968 and how they…

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#MeToo and the Struggle for Women’s Liberation

The rise of #MeToo and the outpouring of women everywhere courageously standing up to sexism and calling out harassers has opened up new space to organize for women’s liberation.  We’ve put together a series of presentations on the state of the current movement, debates about how to win women’s liberation, and the rich tradition of…

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Teachers on Strike: From West Virginia to Oklahoma and beyond

The victorious wildcat strike of teachers and support workers in West Virginia has sparked struggles across the country of education workers demanding a living wage and better working conditions.  Featuring teacher rebels from West Virginia and beyond, this series will share stories of struggle and lessons for the working-class resistance we continue to build.

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Marxism 101

Curious about Marxism? From dialectical materialism, to basic Marxist economics, to theories for fighting oppression, to the struggle for class liberation, we’ve put together a series of presentations on everything you want to know about Marxism.

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